What are the Biggest Problems of Beginner Forex Traders?

Why do over 70% of beginner forex traders fail?

Let me ask you this

  • Are you able to win but can't keep your profits?
  • Do you often miss trades due to fear of losing?
  • Do you find yourself over-analyzing the situation at times?
  • Are you too stubborn to get out of a losing position?
  • Do you find yourself exiting too early, leaving profits on the table?
  • Have you been forever excited by Forex Trading yet can't make it work?

... Have you faced any of these problems?

  • Are you trying to figure it out?
  • Why are you  NOT Making Pips?
  • Why are you  NOT Making Money?
  • Why are you  NOT Successful?
  • Why? Why? Why?

I'm sure you have been asking that for a while... I did that too, once upon a time... so ... Let me assure you that you are NOT alone...

We have worked with thousands of traders over the last 10 years of trading and coaching. We have divided our training process into 3 stages. Everyone, no matter they are beginners or expert traders, MUST start at Stage One.

Your Journey of becoming The Trader "you always wanted to be" starts here

Let's Get Everything Ready to Get You Started on Stage 1 [That's where everything changes]

Discover The Top Reasons why beginner Forex traders lose and how to stop losing and start making money in forex?

So, here  I’ll share with you what keeps most traders on the losing side and that there are simple ways to switch to the winning side.

But before we discuss the solutions, let's first explore the problems.

You see, most traders are so lost in their greed and blinded by their fears that they don't even know these problems exist.

It is important that we are self-aware. These Big Hurdles keep them on the Losing Side Forever. 

I'm going to share with YOU what these problems are...

Once you Know How to Tackle these Issues. YOU WILL.

  • Start Hitting Targets Regularly
  • Become a Highly Successful Trader
  • Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True.

Problem Number One: LACK OF DISCIPLINE

To Reveal Trader's Number One Issue, let me ask you this.

so, when you're in a trade...Do You Experience Any of the Following?

... You find it difficult to Control Your Emotions?
... You easily Get Angry and Frustrated?
... You Worry Too Much about losing?
... Do you dread the thought of missing a signal?
... You often don't take a signal only to find out later it was a smashing signal?
... When your trade is losing money, do you "wait" and "hope" for it to turn around?
... When your trade is winning, are you scared it might turn and eat away your profits?
... When you see a signal, do you hesitate to take it and decide to filter this one but later you realize you should have taken the trade?

if you said “YES” to any of the above then ...
Your Problem No. 1 is... LACK OF DISCIPLINE

DON'T WORRY THOUGH I  HAVE A SOLUTION FOR THIS and I'm going to share it with you below

Look, I know, This is the FACT. The Ultimate fact that…

And without goals, you don't even know what you are trying to achieve?

Forex Traders come to me, they beg me to give them my secrets.
So, I give them my tried and tested winning system and ask them to record every trade in their journal.

Firstly, they find it hard to record their trades in the correct manner.

Secondly, when they do so, I find that they do not trade the system, the way it is supposed to be traded.
In other words,

They Break their rules and Break the System by not following the rules of the system. They do this because they are not disciplined forex traders.

But… when they try to do it alone, on their own. THEY FAIL!

Beginner Forex Traders who join our Friendly Forex Trading Community,  find success. They become highly disciplined and consistently profitable traders. The proof is in the pudding.

Here at AIMS Stress-Free Trading Community, the first thing we focus on is to Learn to Become Highly Disciplined and Consistently Profitable Traders.

Members of AIMS Forex Trading Forum are given a technique we call the T20 Principle. It is a principle derived from Mark Douglas' book "Trading in the Zone".

Countless people have tried our T20 Challenge and have found success in forex trading.


This principle has been an integral part of our trading and educating philosophy.

The 2nd Biggest Problem that keeps traders on the losing side. Discover How to get out of this trap?

So, Here I will share with you the 2nd Biggest Problem that keeps traders from achieving their goals. A problem that haunts all traders all over the globe.

To understand this problem today, let me ask you this

  • Is your trading system statistically proven?
  • Do you know the win-loss ratio of your trading system?
  • Does your system give you a profit factor of 1.20 or more?
  • Is your trading system robust and easy to implement?
  • Do you have any idea what is an algorithm?
  • Do you have a solid Risk Management Strategy?
  • Do you have a Simple but Comprehensive Trading Plan?

f you have answered NO to any of the above, Chances are that your Number One Biggest Enemy is ...


If that's true, don't feel bad. Because you're not alone. In fact, Most traders trade Rubbish Systems or they don't even have a system.

In fact, I saw a person trading on his mobile and showing off how good he was. The reality, which was soon evident to him after a series of losses is that all he was doing was randomly buying and selling.  That is a recipe for disaster. Don't do this... EVER

A Good Trading Strategy should have answered YES to all of the above. 

So, now you see, that lack of Good  Profitable and Statistically Proven Trading System is the 2nd Biggest reason so many traders struggle with making pips and keeping profits.

To Recap:

So the

First Problem is "Lack of Discipline" and

Second Problem is "Lack of a Good Trading System".

But you must acknowledge this ultimate FACT...

Both of these problems combined become your Number One Enemy and together they EAT AWAY your CAPITAL like Fire.

Traders are trying to grow their accounts, they're trying to trade good signals, and they're trying to make more money.
and when they ask me why they're having trouble, I tell them....

YOUR Forex Trading System SUCKS!

So, that's the second problem.  And Now YOU know it. In fact most...

..Forex traders have Rubbish, Untested, Unreliable Trading Systems. Do YOU?

and what's worse is that a majority of traders DO NOT even have a System that can... ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY


Would You Like to Destroy These Enemies of Your Capital?

I know You Do. Right?

You want to Learn to be Highly Profitable, Right? 

You Want to trade a system that gives you a Statistical Advantage of the Market, AM I RIGHT? 


Here at AIMS Stress-Free Trading we know Solutions to Both of These Problems

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