Hello, this is Immy and I want to “officially” welcome you to my world of AIMS Stress-Free Trading.

About 13 years ago I started trading online while I was still working, and this little hobby became my obsession.

I started buying and selling all sorts of stocks, indices and commodities contracts and have become a student of “The Market”.

Initially, I started blogging at www.iTradeAIMS.com where I would share everything I learned about trading the financial markets.

My NEW goal is to give away the secrets of my trading success. I give away my methods, some of my trading software, indicators and give out FREE Trading signals.

Financial markets are full of hidden secrets and subtle tricks and tweaks that make all the difference. It takes loads of blood, sweat (tears) and hard work to find those hidden secrets.

It takes years to find them, months to learn them and most of the guys who have gone through this experience don’t like to share it.

But I want to SHARE it with YOU. And now that you have become an AIMSter I will share EVERYTHING that I know about Forex, Stocks, Indices and Commodities markets. 
We are here to make your experience …

  • Exciting and fun and at the same time Conducive to learning
  • and Becoming a better, highly disciplined, and consistently profitable and successful trader.

Here’s a brief insight into what you can expect from
AIMS Membership.

  1. You will get help and support during your journey of becoming a profitable trader.
  2. You will learn Tricks and Techniques we use to become Highly Disciplined and Consistently Profitable Traders.
  3. You will be given Simple and Clear Instructions every step of the way.
  4. You will learn an effective and simple way to create your trading plan.
  5. You will get daily and weekly updates in the form of forum posts, emails and video messages. These messages will keep you up to date and continue to enhance your knowledge.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time… START NOW

The vast majority of the global population will wait for a “perfect time” where there are no obstacles, no reasons to fail and no distractions to lead them astray.

These moments don’t exist in the real world. 

Every now and then we are faced with a Brick Wall. A hurdle that seems difficult to overcome.

Do not let your environment stop you. If you control your environment you will know how to climb these walls.


If your environment controls you then you will surrender before you have even started.

How to Get Trading Related Support?

If you need trading related help, then do not be shy. Do not be silent. Go to the forum and talk to others. Create new topics and ask questions. The best way is to create your Trading Journal and use that space to communicate with everyone around you.

How to Get Technical Support?

If you need technical support then use your dedicated support ticket system in your dashboard.


Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and THANK YOU for taking these crucial first steps.

Well done on committing to this course. I hope that you will enjoy the process and it will enhance your knowledge and help increase your profitability.

Longer-Term Success – Consistent Profitability

Anyone can stay profitable once a day, a week or a month. True trading success requires longer-term profitability. You will achieve this ultimate goal of “Prolonged Consistent Profitability”.

We will be with you along your journey. We will push you and help achieve the ultimate destiny.

I wish you the best of success and everything you ever wished for and some more on top.

I Look forward to trading with you soon

>>> Your Trading Buddy <<<<

Immy Yousafzai 

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