The 4 Stages of Learning

It is said that for any given skill or skillset, we all go through these 4 stages of consciousness.

1) Unconscious Incompetence – You don’t know how bad you are at it.
2) Conscious Incompetence – You know how bad you are at it.
3) Conscious Competence – You know how good you are at it.
4) Unconscious Competence – You don’t know how you do it but you just simply rock at it.

Our goal is to achieve Unconscious Competence.

You can have, be, achieve anything you want in your life.

When Learning ANYTHING, there are four stages of learning and mastery:

1) Unconscious Incompetence – at this stage, you don’t know that there is something there to learn; “You don’t know that you don’t know”.  E.g. you did not know that the market has a structure, that it is not random. You did not know that you did not know. So when you know what happens?

2) Conscious Incompetence –  at this stage now you know that you don’t know. You are now aware that there is something that you don’t know and that you ought to know it. So you start searching.

3) Conscious Competence – After realizing that there is something to learn that is not yet understood, study and training rapidly bring one up to the point of getting it. Information is now suddenly coming in, being understood, getting integrated with all of your other understandings and then comes the turning point: You’ve read the material a few times and aha! You KNOW that YOU KNOW IT! It may not be flawless just yet, but I’ve traded the Correct Setup 3 times in row now. I’m not yet consistently profitable, but I KNOW I can Do It. You realise that AIMS provides a great trading opportunity and that it has the potential to change your life.

4) Unconscious Competence – Repetition and Many Flawless performances have brought you to this pinnacle of sorts; you can tie your shoes or driver your car without thinking about it.  Imagine getting to the point in your trading business where making money happens automatically, unconsciously!

By recognizing that it is possible to refine profitable actions into simple and effective training routines that can be carried out effortlessly, you can get a glimpse of the potential here.

How to Become Unconsciously Competent in Forex Trading?

Persist with your productive efforts; have the mindset that you want to make your productive efforts easy, effortless, infinitely repeatable, pleasurable, and maximally effective; and then just do them, over and over and over and over again!

Keep a trading journal, Work on your trading plan, follow your trade plan, and keep enjoying the process of hitting your goals, trade according your rules and enjoy the feeling of collecting “DS1” trades. (DS1 Trades will be explained in later lessons).

If you continue with the process laid out in our courses, you will achieve the 4th stage. Enjoy

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