How to Start Your Forex Trading Journal?

Trading Journal is one of the most ignored yet the most powerful tool essential for forex trading success. Here is how to start your forex trading journal.

It is part of your Stage 1 Training process to keep a record of your trades. What better place to do that than your own AIMS Forex Trading Community Forum? 

Wouldn't it be amazing if someone could look at your trades and comment on it? Wouldn't it be fantastic if an experienced trader could help you get better by reviewing your trades?

Traders like Grant and Emma have achieved success because they have kept record of your their trades from day 1. They have been completely honest to themselves and shared their trades. This practice allowed them to benefit from comments from other traders, trading experts and at the same time, remain 100% transparent and true to themselves.

Trading Journal kept in this way, will allow you to get good every day, every trade.

We ask all of our trader to start a journal. Your Stage 1 training process begins here. This will allow people like Immy and other members to review your trades and comment. This process will ensure that you remain on the right track. Now Let's learn how to create your journal in the forum.

Don't worry we will give you a template for your posts and a template for your spreadsheet as well.

Note: Some members have shared their versions of spreadsheets that are worth checking as well.

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