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Lessons of The Week Ending 4 June 2021 | NFP Day

Lessons of The Week Ending 4 June 2021 | NFP Day

NFP is a great day to trade. It brings lots and lots of volatility to the market. If you are careful with your risk management, you can make some seriously good trades and profit from it handsomely.

Today, I’d like to share all the ideas and screenshots I have shared inside our Discord Server. Join our discord for free by following the link above.

I’d like to share with you a Pullback Setup that occurred on the NASDAQ 100 today. The NFP spike was not conclusive. It went up then dropped down badly. But then it cleared the previous resistance. That resistance became support which created the perfect spot for a pullback entry long.

Since Love Setups like these I’d like to share it with you. These are really high probability and highly profitable trade setups.

  1. NFP Spike up and down…..
  2. But did not change how 10/20 formation. Trend continuation was going on.
  3. Love these tiny dojis, It was a parade of midgets (sorry small people)
  4. Love it because risk is defined and very small. only 15 points.
  5. Multiple R’s profit. Keep Trailing the Candle Lows

Trade the New York Open with this technique

Forex Swing Trading Hourly Charts – The Pullback Method

Today I was discussing with Sam how to take pullback entries on the hourly chart. It works brilliantly on forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies. Apply this simple method in your trading and you will never regret it. In fact, you will thank me. So please, give it a shot.

  1. The perfect pullback setup with a good confirmation candle
  2. First Exit signal based on 10ema
  3. 2nd exit signal , close below 10ema
  4. 3rd exit signal based on 20 ema.
  5. Candle trail was also an option.
  6. Notice the Trend Candle and Seed? Take These. Note that it is NOT a pullback. (hint: low of a candle not broken, hence its a PAUSE not a Pullback)

The Mind of an ADHD

I want to share with you a little clip I took from my day trading. I was recording myself trading the NASDAQ100 / US100 chart. I went into one of those ADHD episode. I was trying to go short the Nasdaq then long and then….

The Panel of Buttons is ATM You can purchase from Steve’s Website Here. It’s my favourite trading tool.

Finally!!! I found the Real Answer: How to trade price action? How to Trade Better?

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