I love you, H4!

What a great week of trading! Floating P/L is up 4% this week!

That’s with no add-on positions and some improper exit techniques.

What also made this week great is seeing the success of our group on the higher time frames. It is not my intention to distract from anyone’s individual success, but when I truly believe in something, I am compelled to share it with others. And I believe in BW’s techniques especially on the higher time frames.

And I never thought I would say this, but I have found trading BW techniques on the higher time frames more enjoyable and stress-free than any other style of trading. Even with my full schedule, I never feel “rushed” with trading higher TF’s. I am already reaping the benefits on a small scale by having more time to balance activities that mean a lot to me, rather than being anxious all the time about what is happening right NOW on the M1 chart. What a joy it will be when I’m only trading the Dailies for a half hour a day!

I still have much respect with the lower TF trader. And I’m sure I have not taken my last M5 setup yet. But this week I do not think I traded one lower TF setup and I am OK with that. In fact, I’m more than OK with it…

I feel like I have just “bracketed” my life, not caring exactly how it turns out, but I’m ready to accept the Chaos. Years down the line, it may not turn out anything like I imaged it, but I’m ready to sit back and enjoy the ride.

I wish each of us a bright future.


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1 thought on “I love you, H4!”

  1. Robert, I love your post. What you wrote in this is exactly how I feel. However I believe trading this on any Time Frame is stress free. Its got everything for every one. If you're busy trade the Higher TF same technique same rules. If you trade the lower more screen time. But absolutely love it. thanks for your post.

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