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How to trade higher probability Setups

How to trade higher probability Setups


There is a way to trade the Setup , [AIMS Stress Free Trading – The Setup ] strategy on the hourly but with entries on the M5. This method allows you to have alot of free time at hand.

Basically what you do is that you scan through a bunch of h1 charts. Watch which ones have broken out of range and then pulled back a couple of candles. Then drop to M5 to trade setup 1 on that.

I’ll give a little example from DAX30 [German Index] Today.

Just a stip of the H1 chart. All you need to do is look at the Momentum breakout up and then pullback / consolidation now drop to m5

The M5 Chart had something I coul

Just set the po and stop loss and let it hit your target point near target zone one. 

More on this inside the forum


We have a method called AIMS The Hunt Strategy that takes care of this situation above automatically. You won’t have to swtich to M15 or M5. Just wait for Hunt Signal , check the rules, apply the filters and bang…

So on the same chart, Cherry signal was produed a bit later on the H1 chart as shown below.

AIMS The Hunt – Cherry Signal on DAX Hourly Chart

In the chart below you will see the underlying structure of the above Cherry Signal. But the below chart is not H1 its the five minute chart.

Here we see the Hunt Cherry Signal expanded into a good Setup 1 on the M5 Chart

AIMS Stress Free Trading –
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