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How to Manage Risk in 2020

How to Manage Risk in 2020

Risk management is the most important factor in trading. 

Have you heard of traders “blowing their accounts”? 

Have you ever blown an account?

If yes, in this video you will learn methods and techniques to stop that from happening ever again.   

I will show you my LIVE TRADES from today and analysis of trades from yesterday and share my Risk Management Plan. 

How To Manage RISK When Day Trading In 2020

Table of Contents
0:00 This video is about Risk Management
0:25 Introduction to this Forex Tutorial – The concept of Daily Stop Loss for Day Trading
2:13 Part 1: Analysis of DAX30 on the 25 June 2020
4:44 An Impulsive Wave 4
5:03 Reversal Trade into New Wave 3 (Stop and Reverse Method)
6:44 A New Wave 1-2 a Trade Long (65 Points Profit)
8:15 A setup 1 short
9:03 Part 2 – Analysis of today’s Trades (26 June 2020)
9:51 The Most Important Concept [How to manage risk – 3 Strikes and Out]
12:50 Live Trades with Commentary at the London Open Trade 1 and 2
15:20 Review of the first 2 Trades
16:53 Live Trades with commentary Trade 3
18:56 Review of Trade 3 and Lessons Learnt from it
20:45 Secret Risk Management Rule # 1
22:02 Secret Risk Management Rule # 2
22:42 Secret Risk Management Rule # 3 [Day Traders Beware]
23:55 This is why pro traders never blow their accounts – ever


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