How to Make 6% profit under an hour of trading


Its been a while since I wrote last time. I’ve travelling a lot. Since last year christmas holidays, I have hardly been at home. And that is the beauty of trading business.

Get yourself a good trading strategy, put in the hard work, get trained and start living the life you want to live.

Yes! you do need to get trained, you do need a good method that works and a big YES! is that you do need capital to start with.

But the beauty of forex trading is that if you can prove that you are a good trader with good method, there are people out there who are more than willing to invest with you.

Or you can get yourself an account with one of those proprietary trading firms. I’ll write on this subject in more detail some time later.

Today we made 6% within an hour of trading. And it was simple. All I did was wait for my trading signal. It’s as simple as that. But I won’t lie to you. You need 3-6 months of training to get to this stage. But you don’t need years and years of training.

Let’s have a look at my chart.

Look at the chart above. It shows a Cherry signal. I was chatting with my friends in the chatroom we run. I noticed that price broke below the lows at London Open, first minute. but the candle closed as a strong bullish signal. I knew it was time to do what I every day.

Wait for the breakout, then wait for the pullback and then wait for AIMS The Hunt Signal.

7 minutes after London open, we got our first Hunt Cherry Signal. Marked on the chart.
I took it and a few in the chatroom took it as well. 2% was gained in a matter of minutes.

Before long we received another Hunt The Cherry followed by The Seed signal. Another 2% was gained. Simple …

A little later, price started to reverse and formed what we call the J Setup. It’s a specific type of HUNT Strategy Signal. If taken you’d have taken nice 2-3% profit. Simple pull the trigger and wait.

So that’s how we trade. Do you want to learn to trade like us?

Do you want to make 6% within an hour?

Do you want to learn how its done? Yes!!!

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