How I Caught 50 Pips in Flash

As soon as I finished answering Erik’s questions, I heard Heather utter these words, “EURO Dollar Red Dot One Minute” (thank you Michael),  I looked and saw a spike and retrace immediately put pending and out for 30.
similar for Swissy (usdchf) on m5 and out for 50 pips in a flash!

These charts they do have a structure! they do eventually complete the fifth wave!

Entry was timed on m5, picture and fibs from m15

here is how the swissy looked on m15, I got my TZ1 and TZ2 from this)

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1 thought on “How I Caught 50 Pips in Flash”

  1. I finally caught it! Good lord, all day of giving pips away and finally a 50 pip catch on Swissy, 30 on EU (could have been alot more) and 30 on EJ. not only recovered the losses for the day also put me in profit territory !!

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