How I Banked $1010 Profit while Teaching Aussie Ed How to Trade Setup 1

I’d like to share with you a video in which I answer Aussie Ed’s Questions. So this would normally be posted in the “MEMBERS ONLY” section but I’m glad to share for FREE.

Reason for Video: A New trader joined the community and asked a question. The question needed a detailed reply so I decided to make a video.

How I Banked $1010 ?
I was going through his charts and journal and all of a sudden I saw something. so while making the video, I stumbled upon a HUNT SIGNAL… BANG I took it and BANKED $1000. Loved it.

Hence the Title: How I Banked $1010 Banked while Teaching Aussie Ed How to Trade Setup 1
You will also learn:
1. How to Record Your Journal
2. How to implement T20 Principle
3. What is Discipline Score
4. What is a correct Setup 1
5. What types of charts are called “SHIT” charts (imho)
6. and finally How to Take AIMS The Hunt Cherry Signal.
7. and How to Draw TZ1 for Hunt Signals.

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