[HOT NEWS] AIMS Skype Room makes Thousand Pips in 30 Minutes

AIMS Skype Traders Collected 2,010 pips, YES, that’s two thousand and ten pips from this mornings trade signal shared in our AIMS Live Skype Trading Room. 

So I ask AGAIN! 

Its is a great feeling to make pips and points in trading. Success is addictive and it should be, good for us. But its even more rewarding when you see that your friends and colleagues are doing well as well. Especially when you are their friend-teacher-mentor type.

That is what it is, inside AIMSForum.com (Secret Den for AIMS Members Only)

Here are some Pictures AIMS Members shared during and after the trades were taken.

Huge Congratulations to All the AIMSters and Well Done on staying disciplined and getting rewarded as a result. 
No Kidding, AIMS Traders Made over 3000 pips this week. 
Darren made 255 pips on monday and over a 100 again today.

Below I share with you pictures of trades that AIMS Traders took themselves on their respective computers and send over to me via #Skype and #forum. I share with you so you can see how Pipsarious AIMSters Community is on a daily basis. 

Hurray! Well done Dave 🙂 

Yes Master GMan, mighty impressed I am. thank you for sharing. Great Trading  200+ pips 

Well Done, nicely managed all the way to the top.. Great Trade #Hill that’s over 125 pips there mate… 

Another Fantastic Trade by JZB, well done mate… keep doing ,it rinse and repeat 

The Tasmanian Devil had Gordon Dam full of pips 169 pips to you Sir! Enjoy the Cricket World Cup 

Paul the funny Aussie made some good pips and handsome pot of cash… well done sir… over 150 pips… 

Well done Peter, you’ve worked hard for this, and well deserved 60 pips 

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