Happy Easter – Where is the Australian Bunny?

Hello Friends,

Firstly Happy Easter to Everyone!

I wrote something to a Questioner and thought I’d like to share with Everyone.

Q: “Is this as easy as it looks, I have heard this before, just don’t want to get faked out again”

 Trading can get as hard as you want it to be. The only pressure you have is what you put on yourself. The strategy is simple. But not always easy for everyone. It could be easy but not all of us humans by default are designed to cope with stress and anxiety of trading. In the Mind Section of the forum we talk about concepts and techniques to cope with this. e.g. The use of correct money management principles and belief system it is easy to overcome. If you trade the Setup as it is supposed to be traded I can almost guarantee you success.

Most traders, however, struggle with internal belief system. They trade for making money (which is really the main objective) but as traders we should not be trading for making money. A trader’s main objective should be to make money. A trader’s main and only objective should be to Achieve Consistency. Yes. We should be trading a system consistently. When you understand this concept, that trading is a “Pattern Recognition Numbers Game” you don’t attach emotional attachment to any given trade. Trading is a process of 1000’s of trades. All the trades must be taken based on a set criteria, like a brick layer, taking same trades over and over and over. So successful trading does not mean putting “winning” trades only it means “Consistently Following a Strategy”. Winner or Loser it does not matter. WHAT? losers? Yes, losers are also winners…(if traded based on the correct setup)

So when a new trader begins, after a series of losses he/she gives up. Why? because he’s not making money. What he does not understand is that its a numbers game and correct money management will keep you in the game long enough to turn huge profits. Money is a byproduct of “Consistently following a strategy that has an edge”.

AIMS Stress Free Trading is that EDGE – The edge that gives you odds of success per trader and per trading session and month and year. The Edge that has a random distribution of outcome, its unique for each trade yet it gives consistent equity growth. A bit paradoxical but that’s exactly that secret of the trading world that the ordinary usually successful individual but unfamiliar to trading, does not understand/know.

May the pips be with you!

Want what the market wants with an Attitude of Gratitude

Happy Easter Bunnies!


AIMS Stress Free Trading – http://www.iTradeAIMS.com

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