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Just a friendly, important reminder that The Tapping Online Broadcast
happens in less than 6 hours time!
Watch This Video First http://www.projecttapping.com/online/awaken-your-abundant-life

Please remember to be on your access page at least 15 minutes before
the broadcast begins:

We hope you’re ready, because you’re about to learn a remarkable mind-body
technique that hundreds of thousands of people are using right now to shift
their mindset when it comes to love, live and abundance.
And you’ll be guided by one of the most in-demand Tapping experts on the
planet: Carol Look.
Here’s a sneak peek at what you will experience during the broadcast:

1. The 5 hidden fears sabotaging your abundance
According to Carol, there are 5 types of subconscious fears that silently
sabotage our finances, career and happiness throughout our lives. In this
broadcast you will discover what they are and how to overcome them.

2. The science behind Tapping
Tapping was once considered a form of alternative therapy. Find out why
today, more and more doctors and experts are recognizing it as a legitimate
tool for healing and self-growth.

3.  Tapping in 5 simple steps
There’s more to Tapping than simply touching your Meridian points. Learn
Carol’s simple step-by-step process for getting consistent and lasting results.

4. An interactive Tapping exercise
Sit back, relax, and follow Carol’s lead as she shows you how to Tap on your
Meridian points, and eliminate a hidden subconscious fear blocking your abundance.
Results are often instant!

5. Meet the 5 Tapping participants
Life-changing paradigm shifts. More clients. Bigger paychecks. Rejuvenated
relationships. Find out what happened to the 5 participants just months after
an afternoon of Tapping with Carol in Autumn 2011.

6. Carol Look in the hot seat
If Tapping is so simple, how does it spark profound results? Are the effects lasting?
Can anyone really get results? Vishen puts Carol in the hot seat and gets uncensored
answers to pressing questions.
Be here 15 minutes before we begin:

Note: I am not an affiliate. I believe in this stuff and use it. So I’d like to share with you. 

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