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Message from
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Manual - V5.1 Upgrade

Here you can ask questions about All the Indicators that we Use.

- AIMS Box Indicator previously AIMS Levels
- AIMS Gator previousl AIMSiGator
- AIMS Entry Alert
- AIMS Wave - aka AIMS AO

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Manual - V5.1 Upgrade

Unread post by immy »

:- V5 and V5.1 Manual - Understanding the Upgrades

After you have completed reading The Setup Ebook (5 Times :p at least) it is highly recommended that you read this article.

Here we give you information about the upgrades. Pictures and Illustrations used in The Setup eBook/Manual were taken using V2.1 Indicators Package. Since the introduction of AIMS V5 and AIMS V5.1 upgrades a few things have changed slightly. In order to understand the changes included in the V5.1 upgrade it is important to read the following information.

Please keep in mind that the Core Strategy and The Concept still remains the same as explained in the Setup eBook. Before the introduction of V5.1

Although the setup is created using 3 Simple Rules. Grant came up with a Flow Chart that further breaks down those 3 rules into a logical sequence. He created what is now known as "The Three Rules Flow Chart". It brings more objectivity into the process of creating The Setup. Steve kindly coded most of the questions/steps from the Three Rules Flow Chart into V5.1 Indicators Package. In other words Steve Coded Grants Logic into the Indicators.

e.g. if a candle with a dot has already broken an AIMS level we do not put a Pending Order above/below that AIMS level because it has already been broken. So we coded this logic into the indicators. So now instead of a Blue Dot for a Long Signal you'd see a Green Dot. A Green dot would straight away tell you that this dot candle has already broken an AIMS level. These have been further explained below.

It was our AIM to incorporate all the questions of The Three Rules Setup Flow Chart into the indicators.

Please note that the Strategy remains the same, as explained in The Setup eBook, V5.1 upgrade is an enhancement of the indicators. It is as Steve would call it, "Our brain coded into to algorithm/mt4".

A Big Thanks ^:)^ \m/ goes to Steve for taking this project. A True Genius and Selfless Service.

Improved Logic for AIMS Entry Alerts
The logic for the alerts has been improved to give more timely signals.

AIMS Box and AIMS Waves Improved
We’ve also made some programming improvements to the AIMS Box and AIMS Waves, to reduce processor overhead.

We’ve also added email alerts and push alerts for mobile devices. Email or Push alert may not be that useful on lower time frames though you might want to use this for higher time frames such as H1 and above. You will need to keep your MT4 running
Only the valid buy/sell alerts will generate a pop-up/sound/email.

M5 and M1 Templates
There are two new templates for M1 and M5. M1 has the default settings that the AIMSters have been using whilst trialing these new indicators. M5 doesn’t have alerts or the VE-AIMS trade manager. We’ve increased the setting for ‘close to zero’ on AIMS Waves to 0.0006 seems ideal for London and US Sessions when volatility is relatively high. You might want to use lower settings for quiet trading times, such as Asian markets. If you trade the Yen pairs or higher timeframes, you will need to change CloseToZL to suit. (I do not use these settings any more as I like to see the colour and fresh cross of zero line. To disable this check the indicator's settings below)

Following is an explanation of how each indicator has been modified and upgraded.

AIMS Indicator 1: The AIMSigator Chapter 2 p25

1. Name Change: AIMS Gator
AIMSigator is now known as AIMS Gator.

Versions: We now have two versions available. AIMS Gator V5.1 and AIMS Gator V5.2.

AIMS Gator V5.2 has some new features. (AIMS Gator V5.2 is an Optional Upgrade)

1. We have re-written the code from scratch.
2. Draws a Shaded Area between Purple and Blue Line By Default.
3. Colours of the Shade can be changed.
4. Shade can be turned on or off
5. Shade from any of the Gator lines to Purple and/or any other line, option available.
AIMS Indicator 2: AIMS AO Chapter 2 p33

1. New Name - AIMS Waves
AIMS AO has been renamed. Its new name is AIMS Waves Indicator.
The Market Moves in Waves and AIMS Waves shows those waves very accurately hence the name. :-B
The Market has a Structure and that structure the Market is Elliott Wave. What's more interesting is that structure i.e. The Elliott Wave can be counted within 10 seconds using AIMS Wave.

2. The Cross of Zero Line and Close to Zero Line
AIMS Waves and its cross of Zero Line is a very important factor in AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy.
Since AIMS Waves being Close to Zero Line is a subjective thing and most new members asked this question, "how close is close to zero line", we came up with a solution that may help most of us.

Well, now at least on M1 and M5 by default you should always know what is close to zero line. AIMS Waves indicator has an input in its settings that allows you to tell the indicator to paint AIMS Waves Histogram bars a different colour when those bars are close to zero line.

The only problem is that this value may be different for each pair and time frame. But don't worry, we have tested it it thoroughly and have established a value that best suits m1/m5 strategy. Other members have later on found settings for other time frames and pairs.

In short, When AIMS Wave Bars (AIMS AO) turn Orange you can consider it as Close to Zero Line. But Do Not Ignore the Power of FRESH CROSS of Zero Line. So Focus on Fresh Cross and Orange Bars. and remember that these values are customize-able settings and different values are required for each time frame and currency pair. But for EUR/USD M5 and M1 you don't need to change anything as it is built into the indicators.

Disable the Orange Bars Feature: If you'd like to not use this feature and rely on your manual judgement, (I don't use orange bars but Grant and others do) Simply enter 0 in the field. ClosetoZL (or MaxClosetoZL/MinClosetoZL) in the settings of AIMS Waves/ AIMS eWave

Versions: Latest Version of AIMS Waves is V5.1 with two optional upgrades. AIMS Waves V5.2 and Steve's AIMS eWave.
01-02-2012 21-27-58.png
AIMS eWave is created by Snorm or http://www.For-Exe.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; called AIMS eWave. eWave is a great indicator. It is an optional upgrade. It is based on the logic introduced in our eBook AIMS Stress Free Trading - 10 Sec Elliott Wave. It is available in the Premium Section of the forum. AIMS eWave can be purchased from Steve's website. http://www.for-exe.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;. If you're a premium member there is a 25% discount Click Here.

AIMS Indicator 3: AIMS Box Chapter 2. P40

1. New Name
AIMS Box is the new name for AIMS Levels Indicators which was a part of version v2.1. The pictures used in the book were based on the new AIMS Box, still I have included below the things we enhanced in this new version of this Fractal Based Indicator.

2. AIMS Box Zoom-in Issue of AIMS Levels V2.1 Fixed
AIMS Levels does not show as a shaded background when zoomed in one step. My friend TMM first called it AIMS Cage. (rofl) Well its fixed now. AIMS Box shows a Shaded Background based on Fractals, No matter what level of zoom, you'll always see a shaded box.

3. AIMS Levels v2.1 Covered all the other indicators
Previously if you attached AIMS Levels indicator to your chart last in order it would cover the other indicators. This issue is now resolved. AIMS Box always appears at the bottom below all the other indicators.

4. Tentative AIMS Level or Repaint Issue of AIMS Levels v2.1 fixed
The New AIMS Box prints only when a 5 candle fractal is confirmed. Previously AIMS Level would print at the end of 4th candle so technically it was not a repaint but rather a great feature. Anyhow we have eliminated that feature of AIMS levels. Now when an AIMS Level is printed it is confirmed and will not repaint.

5. AIMS Box Too Big
One of the questions in the flow chart is "Is Box Too Big". When an AIMS Box is too big, i.e. more than 15pips it is not a good idea to take a trade because based on our experience taking a hit even over 10 pips on EUR/USD M1 time frame is not a profitable strategy in the long run. (Talking specifically about EUR/USD on M1).

Previously I always checked this distance between upper Aims Level and Lower AIMS Level by using cross hair feature of MT4.

(Note: Shortcut Key to get cross-hair tool in mt4 is to press The Scroll Button on your mouse. You'd be surprised how many of us did not know this great feature).

Although I frequently use cross-hair feature, using this new feature, at least I don't have to use it too often to count pips. You can now enter a value in the settings of AIMS Box indicator to tell the indicator to shade the box differently if the box is bigger. This value is based on pips. In the Inputs tab of the Indicators settings, Set Variable named "MaxPipsBox" to a desired number of pips. e.g. in the picture below I have set it to 10 pips.
[I do not use this feature any longer because it clutters my chart with two shades, but I fully recommend using it specially if you are a beginner]
Now if the box is bigger than 10 pips it would shade it lighter. A lighter colour box tells you and shows you visually that the box is more than your set number of max pips. It can be set to different numbers depending on time frame and currency pair. 10 - 15 pips is best for M1 time frame however feel free to play around with other time frames and pairs to establish suitable pip value.

AIMS Alert: AIMS Talking Alert: Chapter 2 p51

1. New Name
We introduced you to AIMS Alert: AIMS Talking Alert on Page 51 in the Book. Its now called AIMS Entry Alert V5.1. AIMS Entry Alert is great quantum leap forward.

2. Upgraded Sound Files
AIMS V5.1 uses different set of sound files as opposed to V2.1. V5 upgrade installation software helps you install those sound files into appropriate folders on your system. So whenever you hear Sell Alert or Buy Alert you really need to look for a potential setup in that direction but don't forget to check all the rules as per "The Flow Chart" or if you're using the 3 simple rules then follow those.

2. Purple Filter? What are the Black Diamonds?
The Entry Alert allows for by default to filter all the dots against the purple. This feature can be switched on and off. While I do not recommend trading against purple there may be others who just love trading against it for whatever reasons. When Purple filter is on you will see a Black Diamond instead of a coloured dot. This shows that the dot is against the purple. By default there is no sound or popup alert for Black Diamonds.

2.a What are the Black Diamond Trades?
As above, when there is black diamond but all the setup criteria is met those setups are called Black Dot Setups. More on this below.

3. Is the Dot Candle Inside AIMS Box? What are the Green and Pink Dots?
This rule has always been there for the dots since the inception of dots. However Grant made it a part of the Flow Chart. An excellent choice in my opinion. This criteria has now been coded into this Alert. A different colour dot is printed when the dot candle penetrates a High (for Blue Dot) or Low (for Red Dot) of and Upper or Lower AIMS level Respectively. Obviously this means wait for a fresh aims levels before considering taking a trade. Don't forget if you do get a fresh level after a Pink or Green Dot you still need to check the other rules before giving it a go. ;)

4. More Support for Other Pairs
Support for other pairs and time frames. It covers 9 pairs from M1 to D1 as standard.
If you need sounds for other pairs just put in a request and those shall be made available for a tiny cost.

5. Backtesting Help - Draw Vertical Lines and Time Stamps
If you're interested in backtesting you can turn on these features. It prints a vertical line along each dot with a time stamp if you wish so. It makes your job easier and quicker.
01-02-2012 21-46-19.png
Understanding the Colour Coded Dots

• Red and Blue – Setup 1 (Chapter 3, p56) Buy and Sell Alerts where AIMS Box and AIMS Wave meets the setup criteria. Place PO outside the AIMS Box i.e. above or below an AIMS Level.
• Pink and Green – Setup 2 (Chapter 3, p59) A dot is Coloured Pink instead of RED because its already broken an AIMS Level. Wait for a fresh box and check rules then set a PO to take Setup 2. Likewise for Green Dot, it is printed instead of Blue dot if the candle with dot has broken an AIMS level. Wait for a new AIMS Box and place PO as per The Three Rules Flow Chart.
• Black Dot (well, it’s actually a diamond but you can change this) – A signal where price/candle is going towards the purple line. A black diamond tells you that price/candle crossed the green line and closed either inside the Gator's mouth or outside the gator's mouth but that price is going towards the purple line. Price going towards the purple line, in most cases would mean it is going against the 5 times higher time frame trend. Since purple is the red line of M5, price going towards purple on m1, would mean that we may be in a corrective wave.

Note: It is coded into the Entry Alert that if the Purple Line is inside Fresh, most recent Upper and Lower AIMS Levels then it will not print it as Black Dot if a candle close against purple line. This is useful.
More on Black Dots
• Powder Blue dot – an alert that hasn’t met your criteria as regards the size of the AIMS Box or size of AIMS Wave. You might still decide to trade this dot, if you feel the conditions are right – that’s your decision. You can choose not to display this dot. ( I do not use this feature any more. You may want to turn this off)

You can of course change the colours of all the dots.
Versions and Variations of AIMS Entry Alert:
The latest edition of AIMS Entry Alert is V5.1. Further to improvements made into AIMS Entry Alert V5.1 we have now introduced an Additional Entry Alert we call AIMS S1 Alert.

So we now have 3 Indicators and 2 Alerts. You can choose to attach either one of the Entry Alerts, (AIMS Entry Alert V5.1 or AIMS S1 Alert) or you can chose to attach both of the indicators/alerts to your charts.

To learn more about AIMS S1 Alert please visit this topic. http://www.itradeaims.net/forum/viewtop ... f=34&t=841" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Re: WHAT NEW in AIMS Indicators V5 ?

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Hi Steve and Immy,thanks so much for all the extra stuff to help us,


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Re: WHAT NEW in AIMS Indicators V5 ?

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Hi Immy should we print your email as the new manual or will you be updating elsewhere,


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Have the indicators been released yet? :) If so, how and where can I download them? :)

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:ymparty: :ympray: ^:)^ I think Immy, Steve and the Aimsters are keeping us in suspense and that when V5 is released it will be like a dam wall bursting.

I believe it will be well worth the wait ^:)^ :-bd