3 Ways to Catch Higher Probability Fruits

Fruit - Get in the Next Trend before others.
This strategy provides an efficient way to get in the market at the top of the wave and ride the trend until it ends.

Use the Fruit for Reversals or Time Entries into Wave 3 or Wave 5

Time Frame: This is our prime strategy for trading the Daily and Weekly Charts. [ONLY]
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3 Ways to Catch Higher Probability Fruits

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In this screenshot I will show you what type of Fruit Signals have a higher probability of Success
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What is the Secret of Successful Trading?
The Consistent Pursuit of DS1 :nerd

The thing that makes me money in trading is when I "Objectively Follow my Trading Plan".

I understand that I can't catch all the moves or all the signals but my objective is to catch THE VALID SIGNALS & ONLY the Valid Signals.

My Deathbed Advice "5:1 Reward to Risk Ratio".

Yo, banana boy! 🍌

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Re: 3 Ways to Catch Higher Probability Fruits

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Thats the juicy fruits ! =) squeeze them!