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Posts: 477
Joined: Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:19 pm

Tuesday 2022-01-11

Unread post by eaxh »


NEWS Red USD news at 16:00

D1 Wide range
H1 bear channel
M5 Bull channel

Marking premarket rangeI dont want to trade inside the premarket area.


At 10:05 it managed to get out of the premarket area. Not really the move i was after, and followed by a pullback that it to large which indicates that the channel is continuing fron the morning.Its now in the premarket area again and i am not really looking for a trade here.
I will wait for my edge.

I feel alot calmer.

Its like i am back a year but with alot more knowledge and less confusion.

And i am liking it 😊 
11.01.2022_09.09.17_REC tuesday pic 1.png
11.01.2022_09.21.27_REC Tuesday pic 2.png
 Now i am waiting for a possible pullback or retest.
Pullback candle goes all the way through 10 ema…. And its gone. It was a fakeout.
11.01.2022_09.27.18_REC Tuesday Pic 3.png
  I became a little hopeful when i saw the range i had drawn was breaking, but i saw these levels as well. My hope almost made me miss them.
11.01.2022_09.32.07_REC tuesday pic 4.png
11.01.2022_09.35.58_REC Tuesday pic 5.png
11.01.2022_09.44.44_REC tuesday pic 6.png
11.01.2022_10.37.05_REC tuesday pic 7.png
11.01.2022_12.13.37_REC tuesday pic 8.png

Both Us indices are showing similar pattern.

They have both been moving down during the day and is now close to a supportlevel below.
Lets see what the open brings.

News at 16:00 so be aware of that. Nas is opening to the downside with a push down to the support area  below and i can see it struggeling.
Goes back to the open with a strong push.

I am waiting now for a clear move.Nas is pushing up with momentum after being rejected at the botton support.Goes down again and manages to push down through the support. I am on M1 for a signal now.

11.01.2022_15.46.39_REC tueasdau neo pic 2.png

Dow is pushng down with alot of momentum and goes through the support below.

First candle on M5 is a bearish TC. Will watch M1 for a pullback and continuation to the downside.

Signal with a filled one on dow, but around 50 pips so i passed on it. 
11.01.2022_15.41.45_REC tuesday neo pic 1.png
11.01.2022_16.02.39_REC tuesday NEO pic 3.png
11.01.2022_16.13.19_REC tuesday neo pic 4.png
  I assessed the situation correct. I waited untill my egde appeared.
Due to an error in the atm i was not able to place a PO.

apart from that A+ performance. I am calm and objective. Like it shhould be. 
11.01.2022_16.25.45_REC tuesday neo last pic.png
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Don't let the fear of losing keep you from winning

Posts: 477
Joined: Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:19 pm

Re: Wednesday 2022-01-12

Unread post by eaxh »

NEWS Red US news at 14:30
D1 Wide rangge
H1 bull channel within sideways market
M5 tight range  ( broken before the open though,
The high and low of the premarket.

If the premarket are is broken i will take a trade if the setup meets my criteria. AKA the four questions.
10:04 candle breaks the low of the premarket area. Now i am waiting for a signal.

Goes up and makes a retest and after that a push to the upside and i see it as gone but it reverses down again and gives a siganl with a
confirmationcandle. A little big in comperance to the move, but within the ds1 parameters so i have to take it.

it gyrarets and i am feeling it. I am managaing my trades completely auto. -1R, BE or 2R so i can just watch. My feelings are irrelevant.
It goes and moves sl to be and moves down towards the 2R target and i can say that i have some feelings of leaving money on the table. Not doing
anything with my feelings.
Ended be, all good.
12.01.2022_09.08.44_REC wednesday lo pic 1.png
12.01.2022_09.26.34_REC Wednesday Pic 2 Trade 2.png
12.01.2022_09.29.33_REC wednesday LO pic 3.png
I am watching the market and feeling FOMOOOOO.

But in this moment it was NOTHING i could have done about it. I did what i should. I placed my trade and managed it accordingly.
12.01.2022_10.26.06_REC wednesday lo last pic.png
12.01.2022_15.13.12_REC wednesday neo pic 1 prep.png
12.01.2022_15.35.27_REC wednesday neo pic 2.png
12.01.2022_15.45.43_REC wednesday neo pic 3.png
12.01.2022_15.59.51_REC Wednesday neo pic 4.png
12.01.2022_16.16.14_REC wednesday neo TRADE 3.png

My feelings.
I am looking or evidence of ”why the trade did not work”

the setup itself is good, its with no levels to the left. Its the first pullback after the emas got tangled (almost)
But i can also see that the move from the bottom of the range as a whole and when i do that i can see that my trade might be a little to much to ask for. 

i see this as a valid trade.  Its a impuls and a pullback vith a signal and after a tc on M5 that closed above the low to the left.

At the same time, based on the analysis above it could have been skipped.
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Don't let the fear of losing keep you from winning

Posts: 477
Joined: Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:19 pm

Thursday 2022-01-13

Unread post by eaxh »

NEWS 13:40 there are red USD news
D1 Wide range
H1 tight range (wedge)
M5 Wide choppy range
I will not trade inside the sideways chopchop of M5. Its not where my egde is.

13.01.2022_09.06.33_REC Thursday lo pic 1.png
13.01.2022_09.17.33_REC thusday lo pic 2.png
13.01.2022_09.43.56_REC thursday lo pic 3.png
At this time i am not sitting by the computer. I am checking in once in a while to see if there is a new phase on M5 outside the mess.

As long as it stayes like this i have no interest in trading.
13.01.2022_10.23.30_REC Thursday LO pic 4.png
I am very happy and calm with the work process i have now. I have landed in what works for me.
13.01.2022_11.15.43_REC Thursday Last pic.png
Have marked levels from higher timeframe. Today there were news at 14:30 that moved the market so lets see what the open brings.
13.01.2022_15.56.12_REC Thursday neo pic 1.png
13.01.2022_16.13.24_REC thusdta pic 2 nas.png
13.01.2022_16.17.26_REC NEO pic 3.png
If there was a signal at the first place to go short i could have taken this as well but as i was not in in from the start i skipped that one.
Better safe than sorry.

I did well today. 
I am objective and it feels easy.
Alot of last year was me chasing the market and i was ofter feeling the need to trade to make money. I was in a hurry. 
I have now gained better perspective.
I just need to trade when my edge is there.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Don't let the fear of losing keep you from winning

Posts: 477
Joined: Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:19 pm

Friday 2022-01-14

Unread post by eaxh »

NEWS Red USD news at 14:30
D1 Wide Range
H1 bear channel within a wider range
M5 bear channel
Levels marked.

14.01.2022_09.19.52_REC Friday lo pic 1.png
14.01.2022_09.22.02_REC Friday Pic 2.png
14.01.2022_09.37.44_REC pic 3.png
14.01.2022_09.44.20_REC pic 3.png
Po triggered and i feel it a little. It is a countertrend trade even if it is below the 50 ema, but all is correct. there is room to the level below.
Its a calculated risk.

but i took the signal and my job is done!!

It get through the sl to be and then hits 2 R.
14.01.2022_09.51.53_REC Trade 4.png
14.01.2022_10.39.18_REC pic 5.png

I can´t beleive how clear headed i am feeling. 
adding the 50 ema is working very well for me.
Now i have a solid plan and work process  :rock

I will most probably not have time for neo today.

Weekly review is coming up on sundays as i need some time and perspective.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Don't let the fear of losing keep you from winning

Posts: 477
Joined: Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:19 pm

2022 Jan Week 1 Review

Unread post by eaxh »

This week have been good.

I can see it clearer now. I am more patient and i am able to be calm and wait for my setups. My objectivity is slowly growing and my fear is slowly getting smaller.

I am getting big help in marking high and lows and if they are cleared i can look for trades. If a setup comes before i can easily filter it.

I can see that my problem har not been discipline. It has been more of being confused because of the blurriness in my objectivity. 
Now that is clear i can work on trading my setups and also growing my probability mindset.

I am looking forward to the week ahead! :)
Vecka 1 resutat.png
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Don't let the fear of losing keep you from winning