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The Tardis

Enter the Tardis
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  • Seed Box
    Welcome to this Hidden forum. Only members selected by Immy can view and access it.
    We shall discus The Box Seed Strategy here.
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  • Unread posts The Banana Method
    This forum started for the BANANA Project. Now it's complete. You can simply go to to learn more. Or take the course here
    Subforum: Backtesting
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    Last post Re: The BANANA Technique [The…
    by fxsam
  • Unread posts The Hunt Setup [Mother of Banana]
    AIMS The Hunt is the Basis of the Banana Method

    The Hunt is an elegant creation based on The Science of Fractal Geometry.

    The Micro Setup 1 is the Simplified version of the Beautiful Setup One Pattern.
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    Last post Re: Forex Trading Strategy fo…
    by Darren
  • Unread posts The Famous Setup
    This is the home of the Famous Setup
    A Market Pattern Based on H1/M15 Time Frames
    Want to double your account within 3-4 months? Trade The Famous.
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    Last post THE PC Entry with the Famous …
    by immy
  • Unread posts The Fruit
    Fruit - Get in the Next Trend before others.
    This strategy provides an efficient way to get in the market at the top of the wave and ride the trend until it ends.

    Use the Fruit for Reversals or Time Entries into Wave 3 or Wave 5

    Time Frame: This is our prime strategy for trading the Daily and Weekly Charts. [ONLY]
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    Last post Re: 3 Ways to Catch Higher Pr…
    by acceleratum
  • Unread posts Trade The News
    AIMS News Trading Strategy
    These are "Chaos Influx Points" These are Milestones. News Events keep the forex world ticking...
    3 Topics
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    Last post FOMC Plays 16 June 2021
    by immy
  • Unread posts The Seed
    > Access The Seed Strategy - The Concept and The Indicators
    > Strategy Time Frame = H1
    > Breakout in the Direction of the Trend
    > Multi Time Frame Concept yet traded from Single Chart.
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    Last post The SEED or iMi Method needs …
    by immy
  • Unread posts Enhanced Concepts & Techniques
    Additional Entry and Trade Management Techniques
    Further enhance your trading prowess
    Learn new skills and techniques to extract more from the market
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    Last post New type of Entry method for …
    by immy
  • Unread posts 10 Second to Elliott Wave
    The Market is not Random. It is Highly Organised (Chaos)

    The Market has a Structure and that Structure has a Structure.

    The structure of the market is Elliott Wave and Structure of Elliott Wave is AIMS Boxes

    In this section you will gain deep information about the structure of the market.
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    Last post Re: Count Elliott Wave within…
    by immy
  • Unread posts Trading Psychology
    Mental Techniques, Concepts, Meditations, Practical Actions to Bring Yourself in to the Zone.
    Understand, Adopt and Implement One or more of these techniques to
    Allow yourself to be in 'The Zone'.
    Learn to Put Your Self in State of:
    Enjoyment, Relaxation, Focus, Self Trust - Stress Free Trading
    Subforum: [Download ] Activating The Zone
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    Last post How to Get into the Flow State
    by immy
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