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Forex Trading – Teach-ability Index

Forex Trading – Teach-ability Index

Earlier I wrote this to some one’s private message in the forum. The words came out of my inner self. A pure stream of ‘conciousness’ and ‘unconsciousness’. I love it when I read it so I thought I’ll share it with you!

Thank you for such a positive message. I truly am delighted to read it. Let me tell you about myself, I am just a humble forex trader. I was lost too but I was determined not to give up. I was ready to give up things for the achievement of my gaol. Then I found it. It was simple paradigm shift. I learned that the market has a structure and that structure is common to 99% of the things in the universe. I immediately knew there and then, that I was going to change my life.

When I started talking about my trading in my blog I never knew I’d get such a great response from the trading world. Yet here I am a trader turned into a trader/trainer/teacher. Oooooh, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I discovered something and I applied it and when I shared it it expanded itself. Sharing with People, taught me more. People teach me all the time. The more I interact with all of you the more energy, motivation and information I attract into the core of my subconscious. Rather, I get connected to the infinite intelligence via the minds of the people I converse with. So for me, people are very important. I would certainly like to expand this circle as much as possible. Its a great strategy which can be taught to anyone. All you need is a person who is willing to learn! That is what I call, which I learned from someone dear to me,
‘The Teach-ability Index’, in short it has 4 stages

1. Unconscious Incompetence
One does not know what one’s doing. They’re not doing it right, they don’t even know if they’re doing something wrong. they are either lost of enjoying the ignorance.

2. Concious Incompetence
The stage where you realise that you are not competent enough to do the things that you are supposed to do be consistently successful. The realisation that you just cannot turn this trading business of yours in to one that is consistently profitable meaning successful. You start looking for answers.

3. Concious Competence
You have now found the strategy of your choice. One that suits your personality and lifestyle and its in tune with the universe and hence the market. I assume you found AIMS Stress Free Trading now 🙂

4. Unconscious Competence
The rewards of Patience and Discipline are incredible. You activate an Expert Advisor that works faster than the speed of light. You tap into the divine intelligence the infinite intelligence of the universe. You are now in tune with the market

Our goal not just as traders but as a human is to get in tune with the universe, in trading scenario it means being in tune with the market. We have to enter the stage 1 by first realising our ‘Unconscious Incompetence’. As soon as we know that we are at stage one, we automatically take a quantum leap and enter the stage 2 of ‘Concious Incompetence’. Now one realises their incompetent. So they start looking for ways and ideas to become competent. So you learn and apply and take mentor-ship, become a student, ask questions and feed your curiosity, yet the thirst is not quenched until you find the real pleasure in the application of the acquired knowledge and know how.

As you stroll down the path of ‘concious competence’ you take a final quantum leap in to the world of Unconscious Competence. It comes after much experince and practice but more importantly as a result of correct and consistent application of your acquired knowledge and desire to accomplish your goals. Every goal achieved feeds your thirst and expands your vision you look further and move forward until you reach a point of sheer bliss. You then start to do things you did not know before. You enter ‘The Zone’. The state of ‘Knowing without knowing how you know’. This is the apex of Peak Performance. This is the point when hard turns into easy and easy becomes hard.!

May the ‘Pips’ be with you!


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