The Best Forex Entry and Exit Alert

What is forex entry indicator? An entry indicator is a set of code that looks for patterns in the market. When it finds that pattern it alerst the trader.

What is AIMS Entry Alert V5.1? 

How to Time Perfect Early Entries Into the Market Before others and How to Exit and Bank Profits before the market turns around?

AIMS Entry Alert V5.1 is our mechanism to warn us before the market moves. It is the best forex entry and exit indicator. It keeps you with the trend.

AIMS The Setup Strategy is based on a pattern we create using The 3 AIMS indicators. The 3 Indicators in conjunction paint a picture that we call The Setup.

The Setup Pattern gives you THE EDGE in the Market. This Entry Alert compliments The Setup Pattern and allows the trader to be ready before the market breaks out. 

AIMS Entry Alert V5.1 allows you to Find EARLY Entries before Others can Get in.

This indicator creates visual and audible alerts that are displayed on your chart. Each Alert is printed on the screen as a dot.  The dots have different colours and each colour indicates a separate set of information.

2. What are the benefits of using Coloured Dots?
3. How to Make Early Entries into the Market and Increase Profits?

Bonus: How to Trade Forex on the Hourly Charts using AIMS Entry Alert V5.1
I will give you my process of how I find perfect entries into the forex market using the hourly charts. So Watch till the end. 

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