Forex Day Trading System for Beginners


Forex Day Trading System for Beginners

Hello, this is Immy and today I have a special gift for you. 

I’m going to share with you a very simple forex trading strategy. This method is a very powerful method for trading forex intra-day. You can learn this method within minutes and apply it the next day. You can be a complete beginner or an expert. 

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I’m going to share with you a strategy which is very simple.

Does not require hours and hours of screen watching.
You will be looking at the hourly chart. You will be trading the hourly chart but it only requires looking at the charts once an hour. That’s about eight minutes a day.

Learn a Special Skill: Identity which Pairs are Hot Today?
What you will learn is to identify forex pairs that are showing momentum. We call them Hot Pairs. When a forex pair is showing a strong trend and momentum with good volatility we call it HOT PAIR.

What is Momentum?
You will learn how to identify momentum. You will know when momentum is there when the forex pairs are hot and then you follow those pairs.

What is the Preferred Trading Time Frame?
There will be times when you will trade your forex pairs on the hourly chart. But when the market is moving too fast, you will learn additional mechanism to catch those moves on a lower time frame. 

What is the Entry Mechanism?
The Entry Signals are very simple. It’s based on a very simple price pattern that you will learn quickly.

The win rate of this method is 70% but you could take it way above that when you get used to it.

The profit factor (sum of all wins divided by the sum of all losses) is 1.5 and over.

This is very profitable and easy to learn method.

Also Includes a BONUS Trick at the end so watch till the end. 

What’s best is that I’m giving it away for FREE.

IF you love this method then chances are you will also love the more advanced version of this strategy. We call it THE HUNT method. The hunt method gives you 2 Indicators, AIMS The Hunt – Cherry and AIMS The Hunt – Seed Indicators. These indicators have the entry rules embedded, hardcoded inside.

The Strategy and the Indicators are available in the Members Area. Join Us as a PREMIUM member to learn the HUNT Method.

Hope you like this method and use to make very profitable trades. 

Kind Regards 


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