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Fantastic Week for AIMS Stress Free Trading

Fantastic Week for AIMS Stress Free Trading

I’d like to share some pictures of lovely trade signals for this week using AIMS Stress Free Trading V6 Entry Alert. See it to believe it!

Note: Some of you might be a bit confused about the double arrows. Please accept my apologies for that. V6 is still a beta version and this is a beta testing version I’m using. We have today almost achieved a milestone in its development. Hopefully everyone will be able to test out the new version or may be, just may be the final version by the end of next week. I would also like to point that I may or may not have taken trades on all the signals generated except those with indications of trade lines and arrows. I may sometime take trades but not attach the trade arrows. The pictures are not a display to prove that I can trade AIMS but to show what Setups were available to trade today and that I/we have taken some or all of them. Even if I am able to trade the Setups or not, does not guarantee that you will be able to trade it too. But you can replicate the results. No two results will be identical because individuals have their own personality and learning capability. These pictures are to show how many signals were generated by the system. It is a fact that you may or may not have been able to catch some or all of these due to your individual trading style, skill level, experience and even your life style etc etc. Losses are a part of trading and you must be willing to accept them. But in trading success does not come by avoiding losses rather it comes with creating bigger winners than your losses.

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