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Episode #4: Where is Jerry? Market Secrets Podcast

Episode #4: Where is Jerry? Market Secrets Podcast


Hello and welcome to Marketing Secrets podcast with your host. Immy Yousafzai. Founder of

This is the full episode #4 of the Story of my forex trading. And Today I’m going to talk about Jerry the godsend angel. Now, where are you? In my last episode I told you about the top secret method. I luckily got my hands on.

Using this method I was able to turn a small account of $16,000 pound initial investment into £66,496 in under four weeks. And I was thinking. Could we now turn the $66,496? Into $265,876.00 in the next four weeks? I was asking this because that was the real goal.

So I got up in the morning and tried to log in. As you remember I told you I had this secret system that only I and a hundred others or 99 others had access to.

But I could not log in. It failed to connect. I smiled and thought it’s a great chance to hear the melodic melody of the beautiful voice of Jerry.  Who is Jerry huh? You may  ask.

Jerry is the angel God sent to rescue me. When I stumble upon this method through a very good friend, they were fully sold out.

They had their doors shut to new members. I begged my friend to persuade them and he talked to Jerry on my behalf.  A phone call came and Jerry said, in his charming manner, “Immy! you’re in”.

That was the sound of Christmas to me. I had seen the amount of money people were making using this system. So, looks like eventually he took mercy on me and now I was in.

He said “we are fully booked and have no more space but because of your friends recommendation (begging) I have  made an exception”. He allowed me to have access to the secret system. But only if I paid 60% premium.

So you might have guessed now. Normal price was $10,000. Now, it’s a big price but what it could do with that system the price I paid I thought was nothing. But I paid $16,000. Ye,s that was $6,000 more than original but I needed this. The good thing is that they did not take a penny out of it and invested the whole $16,000 into the fund. Because they said the larger the fund, the more money they make anyway. Because they took 5% commission out of profit. Which was very fair I thought.

All of my $16,000 were invested into the fund. Without Jerry, I would never have received the secret system and turned $16,000 into $66,496.

So, that day, I called Jerry. But the phones did not work that day. Remember those were the days. When we didn’t have these fancy smartphones and stuff. But technology was there.

Something was wrong with the network. I called again and it said the number you have dialed does not exist. Hmm that only happens when there is. No number like that. So that cannot be true is it? Phone numbers one connect email bounced back, even the website was down. Maybe there was some terrorist attack or something… god forbids, I thought.

Or maybe some hacking going on. I was in shock and horror to be honest. So here I am sitting in front of the computer. Without any signals. It was as if they suddenly disappeared into thin air. When you’re scared you do get those crazy thoughts. And one of them was “what if they were a scam? What if they disappeared”?

I remember taking my. Newlywed wife in my tiny little car. And we travelled all the way. To this city and some of you who are from England would know Stevenage. I hope I’m pronouncing it correctly, it’s a little town we went there and there was this.  Beautiful!!!  Well not beautiful but it was it was a building.

I saw that dark jungle green shiny Jaguar parked under the private building. Yep, there’s that jaguar again. And I thought hmm “that must be one of there’s”  and to my surprise as soon as I met Jerry for the first time before we did any business talk he revealed that the green Jaguar that you might have seen. Belongs to him. Or did it?

Well, you’ll be shocked to know that in fact that’s exactly what had happened in reality because they were one gigantic scam.

They fed me with lies. I lost all my investment of 16,000 pound not only that. I lost all my profits as well. But most importantly. I lost my one special system it was my life it was my dream. But it was a classic scam it was too good to be true.

Now you must be wondering. How did we convert $16,000 into $66,000. How did this happen? How can I claim that? $16,000 were turned into $66,496. That is because they fed me with lies. No wonder every trade was a winner.

I think they were a few just very tiny number and they were very very small. So something like 90% wind rate, but I wasn’t bothered about win rate or stuff like that. I didn’t even look into it. I only thought I only knew one thing. This thing was gonna make me a millionaire in few months.

In the end, they took all the money and disappeared. Have you ever been scammed before? If you have please do let me know in the comment section.

They robbed us all fair and square. 100 times $10,000 = Easy Peasy $1,000,000. You feel so stupid when it all comes out. You feel like you could have avoided it. This is what all the people, who have been scammed, think afterwards.
They managed to show profits because they were just sending us fictitious trades everyone was getting those trades and they were creating their own market and the algorithm and the amazing software that we were connecting to were perhaps not connecting to any server.

It was just connecting to their computers in their office where they were feeding the lies to us. Turns out. With a little bit of coding you can actually come up with something like that. But that was 2006, so I learned my lessons. Never trust a black box system. I said at the time.

In fact, I stayed away from investing for quite a long time, but I had the bug, you know, the trading bug was there. So, even though I was not investing I still kept thinking about it for the next 3 years.

I had to trade I always thought I will invest because this is a great way to make money. And finally, I found out what was the real way to trade. And I will never forget the day I realised I had made 466% in less than five weeks using nothing but a simple trading system I discovered myself.

Now would you like to find out how I did it? If yes then please look out for my next episode.

And I will share with you a powerful concept that you can apply to your trading and get the same results or better. Thank you for listening.

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