Episode 4: The BEST Trading Day of 2019 – The London Report with Immy


Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Weekend. Maybe you bought a few things during the Black Friday Deals? or maybe one you were one of the lucky ones who got themselves a 50% discount on AIMS premium Members? Oh well, if not, you definitely missed  a chance.

So, today turns out to be the BEST TRADING DAY of this year. I can happily call it a Year. I can happily say, that’s it, no more trading this month. This is the end of this year. Because today started with a 200% ROI trade, that was immediately followed by a 400% ROI trade. That means a 2% Profit and 4% profit on 2 trades.

Although usually that’s the end of it. Today was not the case. Immediately after the up run, market decided to crash down. That was my cue to get ready for a Hunt signal. BEfore I knew it, there was the HUNT Pattern right in my face.

I took the trade. and BOOM … another cool Effortless, Stress Free 2%. Remember this trade was completely risk free. Even if I lost 2% on this trade, I’d still be left with 4% profit. So I was sitting at 8% profit.

I decided it was time to make the Daily London Report Video. I did that, and had quick lunch.

And before I knew it, something else was cooking. My little nephew kept saying, “dax seems to be tanking” without any signs of stopping.

That gave me another excuse to have a look. And I remembered something.

The lifelong lesson that goes against the ordinary trader’s mindset.

Normal traders are aggressive traders when the market is sideways and leave the screen when market moves.

I knew the chance was there. Selling indices is VERY Easy. You’re dealing with LACK of buying. and lack of something requires a LOT of power to fill. that is why Markets crash far more easily than climb.

So here is the Video of the session.

It has been a smashing day on Dax Today. And you will learn a few things in this session. I hope you like Today’s Video some interesting stuff I talked about… Me thinks


  1. Erics Question about Whether its a good idea to trade the Nikkei 225 or Japan 225 index.
  2. Was it a good setup 1 this morning? and
  3. How to use the Hunt Pattern to your advantage and 
  4. How I was able to Get 800% ROI Today…


Immy Yousafzai

AIMS Stress Free Trading – http://www.iTradeAIMS.com

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