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Ep2-Market Secrets Podcast- The Guy with the jag

Ep2-Market Secrets Podcast- The Guy with the jag


Episode #2. The Jaguar guy

Hello and welcome to the second ever episode of the Trading Secrets podcast. I’m your host Immy Yousafzai from

So once upon a time I wanted to make money. Which is always the case.And I went on the search. I remember I had I had an eBay account and I was buying and selling things.

A colleague of mine who used to talk about one of his friends who used to drive a Jaguar and that Jag used to be my favorite car at that time. So I asked him, “how did you buy that car”?  and he used to say it’s a funny story.

The funny thing was that every time you saw him he always had a friend so he never actually drove the car. And so I said, “why do I always find you sitting on the other side?”.

I was wondering if it it really was his car. He laughed and said “actually I made money and bought this car but I still don’t know how to drive a car”.

Shocking.  He was in his early 20s. Now this guy had simply found a way to sell things that people wanted to buy.

A way to sell a digital radios at that time. Not sure if he was importing them from China or buying the digital radios from a wholesaler. In either case they were chinese products.

And he was selling those. Yeah!  that was the time when the whole of Britain was changing from the analog to digital DAB radios.  He made a killing?

I mean his product was probably cost him eight to nine quids but he was selling them for 40 or 60 quid so that was pretty good.

And I think the idea was not a dropshipping one but it was that he knew where to source the product.

And the easiest way to sell them was eBay.

I tried that but I couldn’t find a product like that. I mean,  you have to be either lucky or something or you do your research to find what the people want and you could deliver. 

We did find a few funny things that is a story from some other day. I used to sell hmmm… errrr

I used to have a market stall.

I’ve never told this before. I never talked about this. I used to have… hmmm errr

I’ll tell that story some other day.

So I asked this friend. How does he drive this jaguar and found out that he actually does that and so that gave me an idea? I started selling on ebay as well. But what to sell?

That’s when I found the idea of dropshipping. Buy stuff and somebody else delivers it for you that was like a very interesting idea. Btw that’s way back in 2005, so I was into the dropshipping thing way back then.

These days if you go to youtube, it’s everywhere. They talk about dropshipping and all that. With the flashy cars and big houses (rented).

And at that time I was doing it so I think the easiest thing for me was to find out something that was easy you can send it easily.

And so I found some online course a DVD of something and. This company had those DVDs and they would send it. So you buy them for two or three quid and they sell it for seven or eight pounds, so you had this little bit of profit. So it’s kind of automatic.

I was working at the time so I would come home. I will log into the website and find out I had a few orders. I will then go their website and order these. And they will deliver it their address.

So it’s literally like,  you get an order through eBay, it gets sold then you go to that other website and you send it you don’t put their details into it, they just write that it’s from you. Simple.

And then my account got blocked. One morning. I wake up and my eBay account gone. And what is fascinating, is that eBay literally had no support.

I mean they just at that time at least I remember there was literally no way to talk to anybody you cannot call them or anything and if you send them an email about this account getting blocked, they’ll just be sent an automatic reply.

You may try many many times. You just come with the same stuff. So  I asked them what’s going on and they would say okay fill this form and fax it luckily I was working in an office.

Yeah, so I used the office fax machine and send the form to them.

I never recovered my account. I was like, you know, this is rubbish. I mean, you can lose your business just like that. And that’s when I go back my old fever of trading the stocks.

I never traded the stocks before 2006, but my education was management based so  I understood what was a promissory note and what was a bond. In college we learned the types of shares. We did some financial statement analysis and stuff so it was always an idea that was very attractive for me

I had an appeal because you want to own a piece of a big organization. This is very attractive idea. Own a tiny fraction of Google or Amazon. How fascinating. I own apple. Not the product but the company. haha

And if it goes up in value overtime.  Imagine if I had bought some of the stock in Apple at that time or Google. All I had to do was simply let those stock be. it would have turned into a lot of money by now.

In my search I came across a few systems there are a few more stories in between but today I’m just gonna talk about this one system that I came across the name was good it was kind of different it had some connotation to an animal in it it was a dog yeah, oh yeah.

I’ll say it it was called the black dog system. I was trading it. I really liked that system. I think I still like it the system was very simple and it’s very. Similar to what I trade even now. I think Dave Atkinson who designed it. He either designed it or modelled it based on Bill Williams System.

So you have a 50 moving average and you have a 10 20 McD and then you had your entry alerts and it was pretty simple so the idea was very nice and he had a storytelling kind of style which I really liked and he had this PDF files you can download and you go to the forum and the whole story is in the forum.

Where So the reason I really like the system was that firstly it was going for 297 dollar or something.

I still remember here is the reason I really liked the method. On the salespage, they told you that it had 3 trading systems. Which I later find out that it was kinda true. The three system were a progression.

You start with something and then you kind of update it learn from it and then you start another one so you give it a different name and then you improve further on it and you change it a bit so give it a third name so that was the three systems.

By the time I joined nobody was trading the first system, which was probably very slow or most probably highly filtered and those were those arrows they used to appear on the chart they used to call it the The black dog and then the SES. Standard Entry System I think…

So there was like the trend indicator and then the entry signal. It was pretty simple.

But I had Identified something that appealed to me more. It was something that told me something was happening in the market. You see,  I saw a pattern  while  looking at those charts. And then one day  I found this indicator they they called it support and resistance indicator.

I got into the indicator.  I had the MQL4 code for it. I modified it and I wanted to see a shaded area between the two support and resistance lines.

It was showing horizontal lines on the screen so I called it aims levels and that just changed the way I traded. It was the first edition of AIMS Boxes.

I saw the market differently. I found out that you don’t want to be trading when the market is inside that zone that gray zone. And so that proved a lot but that did not fit well in the forum that I was in and. So a lot of people kind of liked it and it was very disruptive.

Some people like this and people didn’t like it. The one person who didn’t like it probably was the owner of the system because I was getting a lot of attention and they knew what I was trading. I didn’t know what I was doing and you’d be probably shocked or maybe you laugh at what I’m about to say.

I did not know what a FRACTAL was. That box I created was a fractal box, which we call The AIMS Boxes. And that just resulted in something. Really dramatic which I will probably tell you in the next episode. So, I hope you enjoyed this talk.

I don’t know why I’m doing this but I just you know, I just want to record my thoughts and if you like it then please let me know.

So hopefully tomorrow I’ll talk about some. Think about the box and how I met somebody who changed the box and this box has a story to tell. Bye now.

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