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Do Great Things While they are still small

Do Great Things While they are still small

The Sage (Snorm) does not attempt anything very big and thus achieve Greatness

Greatness comes from being in the moment here , present, in the now

The Sage  confronts difficulty but never experience them. This is the idea of thinking Small.”

Change from this thought. 

Change from Seeing yourself as ‘Separate’ to Seeing yourself as ‘Connected’ to everyone and everything  in the universe. The market as whole is part of this universe. We are all one.

Our Ego tells us that we are separate that who we are is this body that we have and that everything and everybody out there is separate from us.

“We are all one. All of us emanated fro the same source”

We are all branches of a tree called Humanity.

“A bad man is a good man’s job
and a good man is a bad man’s teacher”
“Carrying body and soul and embracing the one
can you avoid separation
One who heeds this power
brings the Tao to this very earth”

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