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Dax Shatters the Friday Myth

Dax Shatters the Friday Myth

One of the biggest problems traders bring to trading is such preconceived notions and ideas about certain days of the week and months of the year. Mondays are this, fridays are that, August is this and december is that … 

Today DAX broke out at London Open, which we call the LOBOT … 
Moved a 100 points without hitting a candle trail on m1. WE had an entry timed with Box Break of M5 and one add on. A juicy 100 + 80 points… this ends the month of December trading on Dax. But hey we won’t stop until the 15th of december. 

So looking at this picture above you might have thought “oh I missed it”. Worry not for there was a hunt signal after the 100 points more. YES

Have a Great Weekend 

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