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DAX Report London Session 09 Jan 2018

DAX Report London Session 09 Jan 2018

Good Morning and G’day Everyone …

Lets start this New Year and New Week of Trading

Today we looked at The DAX30 (German30) and found it to be trending strongly on the Hourly chart but towards a possible end of a trend on that time frame. The Daily chart shows it probably needs a 2-3 candles retrace. But that does not really help me with the time frame I wanted to trade.

Back on to the M1 chart and I found a setup. We talked about it in Skype group and took it. It took longer, Way longer than the usual. If each candle was to be considered as a D1 Chart candle it would have taken almost 8 weeks to complete. i.e. because it took 39 candles. i.e. 39 minutes. The patterns we see on the M1 chart and/or the D1 chart are LITERALLY the same. Its just a matter of “micro and macrocosm”.

Here is today’s Trade. Long with 10 SL and 2R target point i.e 10×2. 1R = 1 unit of Risk and 2R Profit = 2 Units of Profit. This then becomes a 1:2 RR trade. (risk / reward)

This method that we use gives us 33% winners, 33% break even trades and 33% losing trades. Now this isn’t supposed to be always 33% for everything as you may well understand because these are the averages. But it should give you a good fair idea of what this method is capable of. Simply put, you’ll grow your account by 6-7R i.e. 7% (@1% risk per trade) and 14% profit    per 20 trades. The T20 Principle is a Unique Powerful Technique of AIMS Stress Free Trading. 

dax S1 Buy Trade


I saw a bigger box but I also saw 1. that its London Open and its possible it may breakout 2. Trend was UP

Entry and Move to Be by ATM (Thank you Steve of ATM really makes it possible to trade this time frame. without this it would be alot harder.


Target Point Hit:  The fun part is that I went to drop my kids off to school. And before you ask why do I drop my kids mid london session, my reply is “this is what I live for”.
So because the trade was in, and ATM was set all I had to do was to do nothing. So I did that and went to school. Came back and it had hit my Target Point. Happy Days…

Discipline Score 2/2

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