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DAX Report 18 December 2017

DAX Report 18 December 2017

I am known to not trade past the 17th of december usually that’s the third week of December. But this year I decided to trade a few days extra. The Market was not still or what people call “thin” blah de blah. I have no idea whether that was the case or not, I’ll be lying if I did because I don’t have any access to Volume data. We don’t need that data anyway.

So I traded a nice little 1R profit trade in the morning session followed by a DS0 Trade. I was really upset about it since it is one of those setups that I keep telling myself first and others NOT TO TRADE.

I took it into the what we call the 4th wave of M5. I was a bit distracted but that’s not an excuse. I must make sure I am not distracted during trading times. I need to be absolutely focused. The trades are below…

First Trade was London Session Long. I monitored the price going up, then creating this rather weird looking Scooby Pattern. I knew there was a 5th of the 3rd Up in it. Or in other words, I traded the Light Blue Dot long trade. 
[For more information of these rather unfamiliar terminology you’ll need to read our trading course]

B3-T17 Entry 

The Trade Took Off Quickly and Hit TZ1 Moved SL to BE accordingly

The Exit for 1R Profit. I had TP at 2R but saw it react around TZ1 level so took the available profit. This is allowed in my individual Trade Plan so its a DS1. 
This is a bit of a mistake. I was just setting up an order and mistakenly hit Market Order. I mustn’t make mistake like these. 
A new box low was created. I was not confident but decided to put an add on. You need add on trades for Apple Signals. That is what makes it highly profitable. Result was half an R Rent paid. NEXT

One of our beloved member of AIMS Skype Live Trading Room, Jozef the J man took this long after my long above. It was awesome trade. 2R profit was hit nicely. Chart as follows. Well done Jozef

Jozef’s trade with some constructive guidance. ahem 
And finally … Can you answer the following question ?  

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