Coronavirus Covid- Crash and Negative Effects on Investment Funds

Watch 10s Elliott Wave count of the DAX 30 All Time 


The world is in grip of this Pandemic. 

The Covid-19 Coronavirus is spread faster than the fires of Australia. 

It’s killing people and scaring the rest of us. I wish you all good health and hope you stay safe.

Meanwhile, the global markets have responded to this calamity in the most predictable fashion. Of course, traders and investors are worried.

The Advantage of Traders over Investors:

Investors, the longer-term investors get a beating during these market conditions. On the flip side, short term traders can make tons of money from these markets.

In fact, we have lost 25% of value in our Children’s Fund accounts. Last month my Son’s Account was at 38K. Today at 28k. The fund has suffered a 25% drop. But that’s not the fault of the fund. The whole world’s stocks and funds are losing money. Trillions are getting lost by the hour.

Luckily though, trading the DAX30 daily, we should have recovered more than we have lost. Short term traders MAKE money during crashes. Long term investors lose half their accounts. 

I did a quick analysis of THE DAX30 using the 10s Elliott Wave method. BAD NEWS is always connected with WAVE C. Find out how this pandemic sits within the count of DAX 30.

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