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How to Trade the US30 at the US Open

I will show you todays’ trades and its management through the lense of the KC and HUNT 2.0 Signals.  The Trading Range premarket open. You don’t have to care about this when the open clearly becomes volatile and breaks out of it. That means those prices were just “the past”

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The pullback method kc vs the lobot

Trading Pullbacks with Keltner Channels vs LOBOT method

This weeks lessons and deliberations have lead to something interesting. I was going through my charts and trades and yours and doug’s ideas. I was comparing the KC and the LOBOT.  I thought I’ll share my observations with you here.  The KC (Keltner Channel) – is good for 1:1 (or

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AIMS The Cherry

Lessons of The Week Ending 4 June 2021 | NFP Day

NFP is a great day to trade. It brings lots and lots of volatility to the market. If you are careful with your risk management, you can make some seriously good trades and profit from it handsomely. Today, I’d like to share all the ideas and screenshots I have shared

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