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187 Points Gain – Unexpected Ukraine News Release

Ukrained Released some bad news. Though we don’t keep an ear to news our system does that for us. We had a setup and we took it. First setup was worth 230 pips but we took around 70, 100 and 20 in three goes… This is how powerful our Setup

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140 Points – A Dull Morning turned Golden

Dear ones…. Join AIMS Today and Pick up trades like these …. An AIMSter, who joined only a month ago, picked up this impressive long trade on the #Dax30 Well done to him JOIN AIMS Today  Oops Not a Member? If you are not a member of AIMS Stress Free CommunityWe

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FTSE100 Hit our Target

Hi Earlier in the week we shared with you that our system indicated to us that there was an 80% chance that #FTSE100 the UK Stock Index of the top 100 companies, will drop to 6534 area. This indication was visible on the 4th of August. It hit the target

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Mid week update – FTSE100 – EURJPY – EURUSD DAX

Another lovely Trade on the euro yen. The euros are dropping in general and we are still holding our short on the #EUR/USD #EURODOLLAR as well as we entered anotehr short on the euro yen but thinking of getting out soon. We think the FTSE100 will drop further down to

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Some Really Nice Trading Last Few Weeks

Here are some recent trades we took on H1 and other time frams. Its really simple and straight forward but you only have to believe in your self and your system, your trading strategy. AIMS Stress Free Trading is simple but powerful… Oops Not a Member? If you are not a

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EURO DOLLAR going down to 1.34

We had some great signals on Euro Yen and Euro Dollar. #EUR/USD #EUR/JPY. We are short on the dailies and the hourly charts. Would you like to have a system that tells you two weeks in advance where the price might hight later that month? AIMS Stress Free Trading –

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4 percent profit within 10 min of trading

Trading does not have to be hard. Today we literally sat down at our screens at London Open, no analysis was required no chart scanning or stuff like that. We knew exactly where we were in the market because our system makes the market crystal clear to us within 10

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1 Second Elliott Wave Analysis

Get a taste of simple wave analysis thanks to Snorms (  fantastic 1 second Elliott Wave Indicator. Some pictures here some in the forum! AIMS Stress Free Trading –

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The Famous Setup has 80 percent success rate

We have identified a pattern in the market that has a very high probability of success and very easy to catch and trade.  If you’d like to know more about it login to your forum and go to The Famous section in the Premium Section of the forum. If you’re

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