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How to Count Elliott Waves on Multiple Time Frames

You will Learn:
1. What is the Principle C and how to Use it to Make Entries into the Next Wave?
2. How to Count Elliott Waves Quickly and correctly without spending too much time?
3. How to Use Multiple Time Frame Analysis to Increase your Chances of Successful Winning Trades?

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The Fruit Method is Powerful | Slack Replaces Skype

News: We have converted from Skype Group to a much better platform called Slack. Everyone loves It. Lets have a look at some trades and how we share ideas and thoughts, (A Teaching Session) inside our Skype Live Trading Room. So, several people come up with thoughts and ideas based

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BitCoin Buy Signal – Reversal Mode

I know it’s against the odds but BitCoin has generated a BUY signal. The Underlying wave structure suggests are possible pullback up or a reversal into a new wave up. There is a small risk one can take but the benefits can easily cover the risk if it goes in

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Just a Quick Screenshot – Waves and TZ1

And It is our Motto, AIMS Motto … TZ1 TZ1 TZ1 It Works Guys … It Works #USD/CAD Fruit Short Campaign – Difficult one to hold but profitable indeed AIMS Stress Free Trading –

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What are HHHL and LLLH Waves?

Today I have an infograph to share with you. The picture below gives a brief explanation of how AIMS Box help us see the waves. Trading wise London Session was a bumper session with nearly 7 setups. 4 winners = 9 R profit 3 losers = 2R loss. Total 7R

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DAX30 – German Index – New Target 13800

I will update and share my thoughts and ideas about where we think the markets are heading towards in the future. Starting with the German Index DAX30. Doing a wave analysis on the Daily chart we have signals pointing North. AIMS Stress Free Trading –

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GBPUSD produced a good one

This week we took a few trades but this trade on GBP/USD was my favourite. It was an interesting read on the market. As usual I’d express my self using charts. AIMS Stress Free Trading –

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Mickey Wrote a VERY LONG post [Trading Edge]

I just read Mickeys longest post today. That was some read and took a while. My usual time allocated to a forum post is 1-2 minutes at best. This took 10. 🙂 Link to the post here [members only] I had to stop and think. Well one thing is clear

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