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The London Report with Immy Yousafzai from

The Daily London Open Report Episode #1

Hi,  This is Immy from iTradeAIMS. But I’m guessing you already know that right? I’m excited and welcome you to my Daily London Report. I used to do this for members only but now It’s going to be for everyone. What is the London Report So, I have decided to start sending out

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Just One Word A-M-A-Z-I-N-G [300 Points]

We Started this month of  Love with a change in our Trading Plan. We are trading The Fruit Method on the DAX M5 Chart. And the first day was nothing less than A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Tomi Held a short trade that got him near 500 points.  I was Long, Short, Out, Short

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Dax Report 10 Jan 2018 – [FREE VIDEO]

Ok, so today it was much like Monday. No real movement. First Trade based on Cherry A Quick Rent (I shared step by step screenshots in my journal in AIMS forum for members) B4-T3 Below I then Missed a Lovely Signal that would have hit 2R and more Batch4-Trade4 New

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DAX Report London Session 09 Jan 2018

Good Morning and G’day Everyone … Lets start this New Year and New Week of Trading Today we looked at The DAX30 (German30) and found it to be trending strongly on the Hourly chart but towards a possible end of a trend on that time frame. The Daily chart shows

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Nothing Much – Story of Trading Today 15 December 2017

So, I started watching DAX on the m1/m5 using our unique method for the shorter time frames. We apply the MTF method. I am quite comfortable with trading the M1 chart. Specially after playing fast paced FPS games on my PS4 and PC. It has certainly brought back excitement into

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4R Profit – DAX M1 London Session 12 Dec 2017

Ok, so there is snow everywhere in England and schools are off. I took the day off yesterday and it seems DAX took the day off as well. So that was great. Its horrible feeling when you take a day off and market goes nuts that day. London Open started

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DAX30 – German Index – New Target 13800

I will update and share my thoughts and ideas about where we think the markets are heading towards in the future. Starting with the German Index DAX30. Doing a wave analysis on the Daily chart we have signals pointing North. AIMS Stress Free Trading –

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Dax Shatters the Friday Myth

One of the biggest problems traders bring to trading is such preconceived notions and ideas about certain days of the week and months of the year. Mondays are this, fridays are that, August is this and december is that …  Today DAX broke out at London Open, which we call

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