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The Famous BAR Setup

We have what we call the Famous Bar Setup. This is a setup that one can find using the very easy to monitor end of day charts. Well, since we trade Forex our charts usually stay on from Sunday night to Friday night . We sit at 10pm uk in

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GBPUSD produced a good one

This week we took a few trades but this trade on GBP/USD was my favourite. It was an interesting read on the market. As usual I’d express my self using charts. AIMS Stress Free Trading –

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Did you catch that flash spike on GBP/USD?

I take no pleasure in the fact that pound is dropping however we are traders and we should be able to benefit from market moves. AIMS Stress Free Trading Strategy gave us a signal in September that it was time that pound starts to drop again. You could have taken

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GU 200 Pips Winner

Has your trading strategy produced a 200 Pips winner on #GBP/USD today?  AIMS Stress Free Trading – The Seed produced 3 signals on cable today. Current Running profit as I write is 1. First signal at Frankfurt Open Risk 8 Pips Reward  +195 (still running) 2. Second signal at 9.00

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Cable Analysis [For AIMSters]

Just thought I’ll share a screenshot of our analysis on what we are looking at. #GBP/USD GU analysis: Its done its 3 days of Wave 3, now perhaps 1-2 days Wave 4, we will be looking to get into a Wave 5 using Apple and Classic Add ons, or classic

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JOIN US – SKYPE Live Trading Room

Skype AIMS Live Trading Chatroom  Join AIMS Skype Chatroom and  Trade Live with Confidence Trade Live with Master Traders Live Commentary on Live Charts, Step-by-step explanation of the Setup from 1. How to take a trade? 2. How to manage it? and 3. How to Take Profit? What do you Get in Skype Trading Room: You get two

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