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AUDUSD – The Latest Banana Indicator Signals

AUDUSD – The Latest Banana Indicator Signals

AIMS the Hunt 2.0 - The Banana Indicator

Let’s get straight into it. Below I will share with you how to manage the pullback sell entries on the AUD/USD pair.

The chart below has the AIMS KC Indicator. That’s Keltner Channels (modified). The black dots above / below candles are the AIMS The Hunt 2.0 – The Banana Entry indicator.

Although this is late in the trend, it is still a short setup and it can still be managed.

The downside is that since trend has been down since mid June last month, there is a chance that it might turn into a sideways trading range.

Everything is on the CHART!

Let’s have a look at AUDUSD Sell signals created by our system. The chart shows Sell Signals Generated by AIMS The Hunt 2.0 – The banana Indicator.

AUD USD Sell signals by AIMS the hunt 2.0 The banana indicator

Here is a Bonus.

Let’s have a look at NASDAQ100 Index on the One minute chart. Below I will show you how to take supre profitable trades right at the US Open. Use this Indicator to make lots of profits Quick and Simple. (could be easy if you follow your rules. )

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