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Join Discord Server in 5 Simple Steps

Join Discord Server in 5 Simple Steps

This is How You Link Your AIMS Membership and Your Discord Account and Join iTradeAIMS Live Trading Room/Server. 

Make sure you Register FREE Account Here if you don't have not Registered yet. 

Step 1:

Go to and Create a New Account. Download the Discord App and Log in to it. 

Step 2:

Click here or on the Logo of Discord Below to Link (Authorise) Your Discord Account. This will take you to a new tab


You can also do this from your Home page in the Dashboard. 

Click to Authorise

Step 3:

Clicking the above will take you to a new tab in your browser. Click to Authorise iTradeAIMS Bot.

The bot will take your details from this membership area and create an account for you in our Server. 

Authorise AIMS Bot to add you to our server.

Step 4:

Go to your discord app and join the iTradeAIMS Server. 

After you've authorised iTradeAIMS Server will appear in your server list in your Discord Apple. As shown in the picture below 

Who Can Join Discord?

Anyone can join our Discord Server and EVERYONE is INVITED... 

There are several channels in our Discord Server. 

Server Name: iTradeAIMS 

Permission Types and Roles

Access to Channels is related to Your Membership Status here.

Whatever is your access level here will be "Automatically" transferred to our Discord Server. 

Members are given Roles. Each Role has a separate set of permissions.

This Table Shows which channels you can access based on your membership status. 

AIMS Membership Title Text Channel  Voice Channel
FREE / GUEST Account  #General
AIMS Forum Premium (before 2017)  #General
NEW Premium Member #General

#General VoiceChat

AIMS Live Trading Room Monthly  Subscriber  All Text channels

All Voice Channel

#DAX M1 (Live Trades at LO and NEO)