The Setup Strategy Book

Learn and Understand the Core Trading Strategy: AIMS The Setup Strategy

STEP One is Setup One

The first step is to learn and fully comprehend our Core Trading Strategy called AIMS - The Setup. This strategy is explained in The Setup Book.  Please follow the link below to access the Setup Book. 

Background of The Setup Strategy Book

This is the 2nd edition of the First-Ever AIMS book. It was originally my trading plan. I used to blog @ (still do) and was a member of another forum. 

People really liked my trading plan and they always asked for it. So I would send them a copy. Soon I realised I had not written it very well, because people often complained about the "syntax" and "style". blah blah 

I didn't care much at first, after all, I was not trying to impress anyone with it. It was simply my detailed trade plan. 

It had a bit of everything from mental preparation to defining the indicators and my trading rules. Its the trading rules that made everyone go nuts. They wanted it, and they wanted more 

clarification on it.

So I revised it and called it the extended edition. Later I sat down under my tree, the TREE at the top of a hill somewhere at the foothills of the Himalayas. My favourite spot in summer. 

oh, and some parts of it was completed under this tree somewhere in the lush green villages of Beautiful Slovakia. 

The Tree

And so a concerted 8 hrs per day (maybe more) effort resulted in the latest version of the trade plan, now called The Setup. It was no longer a trading plan, it is now a Strategy Book. In fact, our best book though some would say The Fruit is the Best book. 

I'm so grateful to the people who bugged and pestered me about it. If they did not ask for it I would have not produced anything. So I owe it to all of them. Thank you, people. 

Now its time for you to DOWNLOAD this Book. Clicking on the link below will immediately start the download process. 

Note 1: The Book talks about only red/blue dots. The green and pink dots were introduced later. The 3 Rules Flowchart Video Series will clarify all of this. 

Note 2: The book focuses on EUR/USD M1/M5 but this can be replaced by any other pair that moves, on average, 80 pips or more and spread is less than 2. (ADR 10=80+)

The Setup One Strategy Book

DOWNLOAD AIMS Stress-Free Trading - The Setup 

DOWNLOAD The Setup Book

DOWNLOAD AIMS The Setup Indicators

The book should explain how to use these indicators to trade applying The Setup strategy.

The Setup Book gives an in depth explanation of the 3 indicators and how to use them. 

The 3 Indicators are used to create a chart pattern  we call The Setup. 

We take trades based on the Entry Pattern we call The Setup 1 and 2 Trading Signals.

Follow the link below to familiarise yourself with The Setup Indicators. 

Link>>>Introduction to Setup 1 Indicators and Templates Course Page

DOWNLOAD The Setup Indicators