How is it possible that AIMS Stress Free Strategy Works on all time frames?

It works on all time frames because of Three Fundamental Reasons. Sorry, but this requires a longer answer. Brace yourselves.

1. We believe that market has a structure and we know that structure. AIMS Stress Free Trading is based on this structure. We also know that this structure is universal for all time frames and instruments. The waves repeat themselves creating repeating patterns over and over on all time frames, currency pair, stock or commodity. It is the beauty of “Fractal Geometry”.

2. If a setup does not work on any one of the time frames technically that setup will eventually fail. We recommend trading this strategy from Weekly charts all the way down to One Minute chart. However “not all traders are made equal”. We are all unique beings and have unique personalities. It is up to us to find out what is the “best match between us and the trading strategy we chose”.

So, Yes this strategy is tune with the structure of the market and it works not only on all time frames, it works on all types of charts including currencies, stocks or commodities.

3. We have Three strategies that provides solution for nearly all types of traders and markets. Please read above about the 3 strategies. We have Special Indicators for M5/M1 Time Frames: The V5.1 indicators, are specifically designed for our favourite fast time frame and choice of currency pair.

AIMS Entry Alert V5.1 : is designed for Higher Probability Setups on any time frames including Daily, Four Hourly, Hourly, M30, M15, M5 and M1.

The Hunt and Fruit Strategy takes care of traders willing to trade higher time frames and would like to use a counter trend technique as well as trend following and breakout techniques.