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A Perfect Example of Wave Counting

This EJ trade started off a saddle point on M5. It dropped 100 pips. Then performed a bautiful 4th wave and then dropped for a perfect 5th wave. It does not get any better than this. Trust me.

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4 thoughts on “A Perfect Example of Wave Counting”

  1. hello and thx for this great exemple…
    I have few questions regarding Entry Set up:
    1)Would you not use Wiseman1 and WM2 as its a contretrend technique and it means that entry point is far away from red line and ZL? Am I correct?
    2) Do you use any technique for new entries while you are in long bearing (bullish) trend in order to pyramid?. For exemple in EU/US today with 400pips, would you just have only one entry at the break of AIMS level?
    3) AIMS level, the limits are fractals but no matter where they have been set up including Inside the alligator?
    Thank you very much for your help

  2. Erik again…
    P.S.: 4)for entry setup you would look at the alligator sleeping while in BW New Trading strategies, it is said that this is ranging market and we should stay out the market…Is it in order to pick up an early wave 3 or 5?
    5)I see that you trade very low TF (M1 or M5) do you look at higher TF first and then zoom until the lower TF in order to count waves as it said in BW trading chaos ed1?
    Sorry for all these questions and thanks again
    P.S. how i can login in your blog?

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