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5 Easy Ways to Conquering Trading Stress

5 Easy Ways to Conquering Trading Stress

To most traders, trading is their job – it’s not a hobby. It requires commitment and consistency. It’s not something you sign up for on the side while also having a full-time job. Most traders want to make it to the top where they’ll be making enough money to dedicate all of their time to trading. 

 Amidst all the trading jargon, it is often forgotten that stress is a natural reaction to all the things that traders juggle when it comes to profiting in the market. 

Stress labels include fear, paranoia, impatience, anger, and there is an opportunity for anyone who takes a proactive approach to these stressful triggers rather than reactively moving forward with them. 

In this article, we will help provide you with actionable steps and a better understanding of how stress can affect your ability to make good decisions when 

Trading is not easy and to be honest, it can definitely cause some financial stress. We want you to have fun in the markets – whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader. 

In my long career as a trader, I have seen many people trade without stress but not a lot. Most traders are nervous and neurotic around trading times. This kind of mental energy can be exhausting and can cause long-term health problems. 

Stress-Free Trading Tip Number 1: Have Clear Goals and Objectives: Trading Plan

Imagine yourself reaching these goals and taking the next step once you accomplish your goals. This will get rid of the uncertainty feelings that lead to trading stress. 

A trading plan does not have to be a very big document. To begin with, you can start with a single page. Over time this page will turn into 2 then 5 and then in several dozens of pages. My trading plan now has about 52 Questions. In fact, all members of AIMS Community can see and copy my trading plan.  At the end of each year, I review my trading performance and based on that I come up with a new trading plan. I then share my entire trading plan with my members. 

Trading plan not only keeps me on track it also helps me remain focused and allows my mind to remain stress. Everything is laid out in my trading plan so I don’t have to worry about what should I be doing. 

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The second way to trade without stress is to find a trading strategy that works for you. Each trader should have a trading system that they can feel confident with. If you have the right strategy, you will always know what moves to make when the market begins to shift. 

I have several strategies at my disposal. Over the long 10 years of my trading career, I have managed to develop more than a dozen trading strategy. My personal favourite is The Setup One trading strategy. However, my most current trading strategy is what I call the LOBOT method. I simply adore the simplicity of this method. I use the LOBOT strategy on daily basis. Each morning we trade the DAX30 using the LOBOT method along with our friends in our Discord Server. 
In addition, you can decide whether you want to use technical or fundamental analysis. I have not come across many traders who would use Fundamental analysis lately. But it can be a powerful tool for those willing to hold positions longer terms. 
Technical analysis looks at price action and volume, while fundamental analysis primarily looks at company news and financial statements. Both methods are widely popular among traders because they 

Stress-Free Trading Tip Number 3: Choose the Right Niche

The third way to trade without stress is to find the right niche. You need to find a trading niche that fits your personality and skill level. For example, if you are only interested in making small trades, you should avoid high-risk or low liquidity stocks. 

Instead, you should look into the safer options that offer a greater chance of success. Finding the right niche allows you to feel more comfortable with your investments, which will lead to a decline in stress. 

The way you trade should be flexible as no one size fits all. Your style should be personal and unique to you while giving you a high probability of success.

Stress-Free Trading Tip Number 4: Keep a Trading Journal

The key is to understand our trading style works best for us. The path we are on in our trading journey is unique to us. What works for someone else may not work for us. And that’s OK. All that matters is that you develop a trading style that allows you to trade your own way, your way!

Whilst, trading doesn’t have a “no stress” option, knowing how to trade correctly can really help you get started and improve your results. I highly recommend you join our trading community and begin trading stress-free. JOIN NOW 

Stress-Free Trading Tip Number 5: Acquire a Probabilistic Mindset 

The probabilistic mindset is the thought process many successful traders possess. It is the way a trader thinks about everything on a probability scale.

The best traders have a probabilistic mindset. They use probabilities to make decisions, and can quickly change strategies when their assumptions are wrong. A probabilistic mindset will help you make better decisions in Forex.

In a probabilistic mindset, everything has a degree of uncertainty. The strength of your belief is represented by the amount of evidence supporting it.

Whether you’re a novice trader, a day trader, a swing trader or an investor, the probabilistic mindset will help you to truly understand the market and become consistently profitable.

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