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400 Percent Profit Strategy

400 Percent Profit Strategy

AIMS Trade The News Strategy is one to adopt. Most recently we have hit a new landmark. Though I was not paying attention I suddenly noticed the most recent news trades managed to set a new level .We hit 400% profit since we started this method in Oct 2015.  
You can trade it too. Its very simple and straight forward. It only trades 2-3 times a month and the times of trades are announced weeks in advance. 
409% Growth on the News Strategy 

Another important aspect of this method is that with the help of Steve’s News Trading EA you can do it without any human intervention during the trades. For further details about this EA vist by Steve Norman. 

AIMS The Fruit method is our main trading strategy. However if you are new to trading we have a set 3 stage training programme that you can utilise to get to the level of trading skills that would permanently keep you successful and consistently profitable.

How to JOIN

As any other skill trading is also a skill and it requires training. We have found the perfect format taht works for most people. Give it a try. 

50% Discount Coupon

 to Get 50% the Initial $99> pay only $49.99 to join. (recurring subscription after that. Cancel anytime) 

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