4 Lessons from Trading Stocks this year

4 lesson Trading Stocks in 2021


Here is a Stock I filtered …

I trade stocks and indices and forex all using my favorite trading strategy I like to call The Setup. This strategy has a proven, tried, and tested edge. It gives me an over 60% win rate with a profit factor of 1.5 per 50 trades. For every 20 trades, I make 5-10% risking only 1% per trade.

But sometimes, instead of taking a trade, I use “my clever” brain to talk me out of it. E.g. in the picture below you see the chart of the Stock #Marriot #MAR. I thought that this industry is not very profitable so let’s not invest in it. I was wrong.


4 Lesson Learned:


1. Don’t Trade What You Think … Trade What You See (Check out my Stocks Portfolio here)

2. Don’t assume you know which sector is better and that it should or should not move.

3. When you see a setup, simply look at your risk levels and take the trade. If you are not over-leveraged and your risk factors still allow you to take a trade, simply take the trade.

4. If you are in the trade, don’t overanalyze it and check it over and over. Simply wait for your predefined exit signal or take profit level to be hit.

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